WordPress Web Design Gallery

WordPressABD Dentalmore infoABD Dental web design
5/5 (1 votes)
WordPressSocial Packagemore infoSocial Package web design
4/5 (10 votes)
WordPressAnewmore infoAnew web design
3.44/5 (18 votes)
WordPressVUmore infoVU web design
3.29/5 (21 votes)
WordPressGet The Peoplemore infoGet The People web design
3.35/5 (20 votes)
WordPressBauer Advertisingmore infoBauer Advertising web design
3.62/5 (21 votes)
WordPressCross & Crownmore infoCross & Crown web design
3.18/5 (22 votes)
WordPressCaava Designmore infoCaava Design web design
3.64/5 (22 votes)
WordPressYarn Video Appmore infoYarn Video App web design
4.09/5 (23 votes)
WordPressPikMyKidmore infoPikMyKid web design
3.38/5 (24 votes)
WordPressBieramore infoBiera web design
3.40/5 (25 votes)
WordPressBitsensmore infoBitsens web design
3.21/5 (24 votes)
WordPressBigelow Blogmore infoBigelow Blog web design
3.35/5 (23 votes)
WordPressBooreiland Amsterdammore infoBooreiland Amsterdam web design
3.17/5 (23 votes)
WordPressIskremforeningenmore infoIskremforeningen web design
3.52/5 (23 votes)
WordPressDC Fontsmore infoDC Fonts web design
3/5 (24 votes)
WordPressAdorned Homesmore infoAdorned Homes web design
3.15/5 (26 votes)
WordPressApp Radarmore infoApp Radar web design
3.57/5 (21 votes)
WordPressCrucial Tradingmore infoCrucial Trading web design
3/5 (23 votes)
WordPressRMIT New Academic Streetmore infoRMIT New Academic Street web design
2.33/5 (3 votes)
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Essential WordPress resources

Here you can find selected web resources such as: tutorials, plugins, themes and galleries for Wordpress. Also special Wordpress blogs are listed.
Have we missed a really great Wordpress site with resources? Tell us!

Wordpress tutorials

  • WordpressCodexLessons - the official Wordpress Lessons are a quite good start
  • WordpressTutorials - shows categorized tutorials from general blogging with Wordpress till advanced tips for using Wordpress
  • Siteground Tutorials - sometimes more technical and coding instructions for Wordpress showing how to arrange posts, manage comments ...
  • SpeckyBoy's List - lists 63 most essential Wordpress tutorials and hacks, great not only for beginners (speeding up Wordpress, customizing logins, ...) - bookmark!
  • iThemes WP Tutorials - iThemes lists a lot of tutorials for Wordpress and its versions
  • DailyBlogTips - with 40 practical tips setting up your Wordpress page or blog
  • Hongkiat - lists the 40 most wanted tricks and hacks for Wordpress with examples and demos

Wordpress plugins

  • Official list of plugins - since about Wordpress 2.5 all plugins are listed in the official Wordpress plugins database: The Wordpress plugins list with tags, rating, downloads and more
  • Alternative plugins list - the nower alternative list of maybe almost all Wordpress plugins

Wordpress themes, templates

  • Official theme list - the official Wordpress themes list with proofed and sortable Wordpress plugins
  • TopWpThemes - blogs about really well designs news and inidivual Wordpress themes
  • WPThemeSpot - blogs also well designed and high quality Wordpress themes
  • TemplateBrowser - shows quite a lot Wordpress templates - good overview
  • FreeThemeLayouts - has some really nice designs for Wordpress
  • Official theme tips - tips and instructions from the official Wordpress website for using themes

Wordpress showcases

  • WeloveWP - a showcase gallery with only Wordpress websites and blogs
  • Looppress - also a showcase of Wordpress websites, blogs

blogs about Wordpress

  • Mashable - composed over 300 plugins, tips and tools for Wordpress
  • BlogPerfume - blogs about Wordpress tips and resources
  • OneCoolSite - blogs about wordpress blogging tips