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Essential Joomla resources

Here you can find selected web resources such as tutorials, extensions, themes and galleries for Joomla. If you're looking for special Joomla blogs, there's such a list as well.
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Joomla tutorials

  • Official document Wiki - the official Joomla wiki is always a clever first step for questions and learning, good tutorials.
  • Video: Joomla setup - this Youtube video shows how to setup Joomla.
  • Template Tutorial - the official Joomla step by step template tutorial shows very thoroughly on 11 pages how to make your own template in and with Joomla.
  • Siteground Tutorials - Siteground has goog, mostly basic tutorials with lots of images and tipps.
  • Joomla Tutorials - Joomla tutorials show also some basic tutorials on the right domain.

Joomla extensions

Joomla templates, themes

  • High quality Joomla templates offers real well designed, functional Joomal templates and themes for club members.
  • Joomla2U - Joomla2U shows about 500 free Joomla templates and themes sorted in quite good categories.
  • Joomla Themes - Joomla Themes lists - what surprise - Joomla themes. For example free Joomla themes are listed and commented.
  • Joomla Theme - Joomla Theme shoes also new free Joomla templates and themes on a really nice website.
  • JoomlaTP - JoomlaTP shows only free and quality Joomla templates.
  • Joomla Themes - Joomla Themes shows an overview about the popularity of all popular Joomla theme resources.

Joomla sites

  • Joomlabased - Joomlabased shows sites using Joomla in a gallery.
  • Joomla Directory - Joomla Directory is a directory especially for Joomla powered sites.

Joomla blogs

  • Compass Designs - maybe THE blog for Joomla with free Joomla templates for downloading, Joomla tutorials and Joomla news.
  • Why Joomla - a very helpful Joomla blog which compares extensions, shows sites using Joomla, shows hacks and solution for common problems.