Drupal Web Design Gallery

DrupalCreaform Engineeringmore infoCreaform Engineering web design
2.80/5 (5 votes)
DrupalProdernmore infoProdern web design
3/5 (5 votes)
DrupalDEWEB Studiomore infoDEWEB Studio web design
4/5 (3 votes)
DrupalBlue Planet Distribution and Kitemore infoBlue Planet Distribution and Kite web design
3.63/5 (8 votes)
DrupalAgence Citron Givremore infoAgence Citron Givre web design
3.33/5 (6 votes)
DrupalDainty Dizzymore infoDainty Dizzy web design
3.60/5 (5 votes)
DrupalSusnetmore infoSusnet web design
3.80/5 (5 votes)
DrupalDuirwaigh Studiosmore infoDuirwaigh Studios web design
4.43/5 (7 votes)
DrupalJaspera Artsmore infoJaspera Arts web design
2.25/5 (4 votes)
DrupalPhuket Private Partymore infoPhuket Private Party web design
2/5 (3 votes)
Drupalthrive creative labsmore infothrive creative labs web design
4/5 (4 votes)
DrupalThe Studio Dreamsmore infoThe Studio Dreams web design
3.67/5 (3 votes)
DrupalAnettes Sandwichmore infoAnettes Sandwich web design
3.33/5 (3 votes)
DrupalMegaDrupalmore infoMegaDrupal web design
3/5 (3 votes)
DrupalOestervang Skovbrugmore infoOestervang Skovbrug web design
4.33/5 (3 votes)
DrupalVince and Marlenemore infoVince and Marlene web design
4.20/5 (5 votes)
DrupalJosies Bathroomsmore infoJosies Bathrooms web design
4.33/5 (3 votes)
DrupalKualoa Field Schoolmore infoKualoa Field School web design
3.75/5 (4 votes)
DrupalVisions Service Adventuresmore infoVisions Service Adventures web design
1.50/5 (50 votes)
DrupalNoble Quotesmore infoNoble Quotes web design
2/5 (2 votes)

Essential Drupal resources

Here you can find selected web resources such as: tutorials, modules, themes and galleries for Drupal. If you're looking for special Drupal blogs, there's such a list as well.
Die we miss a really great Drupal site with resources? Tell us!

Drupal tutorials

  • Official handbook - this official Drupal resource (handbooks) contents a wide variety of Drupal tutorials with lot's of snippets - really great
  • Nick Lewis' tutorials - shows also much tutorials and tips with much code and snippets
  • Learn Drupal - shows a some tutorials in blog form
  • Siteground tutorials - Siteground has also for Drupal some basic tutorials
  • Drupaltutorials has some basic tutorials (install, SEO, views, converting, upgrade, ...)
  • Beginner's corner - has more than 20 videos for Drupal beginners
  • Drupalsix has some great video tutorials for Drupal (tip: FCK editor)

Drupal modules

  • Official list - the official list of Drupal modules (really almost every Drupal module is listed)
  • Drupal Modules - very good inofficial site with lot's of Drupal modules and comments (number 2 for modules)
With these two sites, I'm sure You'll find almost every module. But there are so many of Drupal modules. Two toplists of modules should and could help a bit:
  • Digg - shows the top 40 Drupal modules
  • Nick Lewis - describes the 10 most needed Drupal modules

Drupal themes, templates

  • Official theme list - Drupal itself lists most of the existing Drupal themes with screenshot and description (but no filtering) - must see: anatomy of a Drupal theme
  • Themegarden - great site about Drupal themes by Drupal versions 4, 5 and Drupal 6 (but no overview with screenshots)
  • Themebot - has a lot of Drupal themes with preview (tip)
  • Drupal2u - Drupal2u lists nice Drupal themes in blogging style with images and text
  • AllDrupalThemes - shows some classic themes (actually all for Drupal 5.x)
  • Drupal6themes - also has some (nice) themes for Drupal
  • FreeDrupalTheme has also some free Drupal themes

Drupal showcases

  • Official forum - Drupal has in its forum a showcase thread
  • Drupalsites - shows 300+ websites powered with Drupal
  • DevBee - shows popular sites using Drupal
  • MyDrupal - also shows some Drupal websites by category
  • SixRevisions - lists some really well designed Drupal websites

Blogging with Drupal

  • TheSiteWizard has a well done tutorial how setting up a blog with Drupal step by step