Favorite Awards & Ribbons

Congratulations. Your website is one of our favorites. It is featured on CMSdesigns Favorites!
Feel free to add a subtle little design favorite banner to your website!

Preview of our favorite banners



Simply add the HTML in your page just after your <body> tag, then add the CSS in your stylesheet. Make sure you replace the link in the HTML code to the link of your project-url on CMSdesigns.


<div class="cmsdesigns"><a href="https://cmsdesigns.org/" target="_blank">Your Site Name featured on CMSdesigns</a></div>


.cmsdesigns a{width:60px;height:90px;text-indent:-9999px;display:block;background:url('https://res.cloudinary.com/cmscdn/image/upload/v1444833514/cmsdesigns-right-favorite_nm9oh8.png') no-repeat}

.cmsdesigns a{width:60px;height:90px;text-indent:-9999px;display:block;background:url('https://res.cloudinary.com/cmscdn/image/upload/v1444833514/cmsdesigns-left-favorite_c7ofo1.png') no-repeat}

If you want the banner to move with the rest of content when scrolling:
change position:fixed; with position:absolute;

Image link

Feel free to hot link the image file, it is hosted on Cloudinary and is optimized (about 7 kb), so load time should be fine.

Right aligned banner:

Left aligned banner:

Thank you

Feel free to modify/tweak/add your own!
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